Can anyone recommend any good Video editing software for Linux? Giving OpenShot a try now but wonder if there is anything better just to cut a heap of clips together with basic transitions?

@idanoo I really only ever used kdenlive but its a bit more advanced than openshot from what I've seen.

Hmm might try that, last time I had issues with the UI scaling being completely crazy and couldn't figure it out!

@idanoo Gtk desktops may not set the scaling for qt apps I'm not sure.

@idanoo kdenlive isnt bad, worth a try if openshot doesnt work for you.

Second person to suggest it, I'll give it a try! Thanks

@idanoo kdenlive for LIBRE GNU I AM CRAZY type of thing, but when you realize it's unstable as fuck give Davinci Resolve a try

Haha sounds like a plan, I've heard amazing thingd about Davinci Resolve, but will give kdenlive a try soon.

@idanoo i've heard that kdenlive sometimes works on AMD, but i play games on my PC, so i never had an AMD GPU in my life

@idanoo but well on nvidia just don't enable movit acceleration, otherwise you won't manage 30 seconds into the app xD

@idanoo just a note: davinci resolve doesn't support HiDPI on Linux, so if you have scaling on your monitor, you basically have 0 viable options

@idanoo also i suggest you to go for an appimage instead of the distros package. it's usually more stable

i once filed a bug that affected systems with scaling (you can't drag anything on the timeline. like.. at all, completely broken). a year after someone got assigned to it. well, guess what? it's still broken. so i have to run kdenlive with no scaling as well, but at least i could workaround it with bigger fonts, so not that big of a deal. but also worth noting

Eeeh if I try it out, I'll see what I can do. I'm running arch+i3wm so might have my own issues

@idanoo i am also running arch, so the arch's repo package is defo less stable than the appimage for me

@idanoo Looks like you've already been recommended KDEnlive... worth adding Flowblade and Shotcut to your radar as well.

@idanoo I use Kdenlive. Depends what your needs are, but for basic stuff it does the job

Sounds like it'll do the trick! Just need to piece together some dashcam footage haha

@idanoo i have to agree with the Kdenlive recommendation and i use a gnome desktop, if that tells you anything. maybe pitivi has come along since i last checked , but idk. Kdenlive looks old school the last time i used it and when i first used it i was apprehensive because of that, but once you learn how it expects you to do things, it's actually kind of intuitive and well functioning, in my limited experience. you can also set how many threads you want it to use, and that really helps performance and controlling heat and possibly lockups/crashes. don't ask me how i know, but if you use all cores and your cpu cooler can't keep up, it will let you know the hard way. i upgraded the cpu cooler and now it's very fast on transcoding with all cores.

Thanks heaps! Yeah half an hour in and it's super quick so far.

@idanoo @dansup @Matej Ľach  ✅ @ITwrx

Saw a recommendation a few days ago for obs-studio. Haven't tried it but passing on the recommendation because it was a trusted source.

@idanoo if you're willing to go proprietary software (but with full Linux support), Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve is a truly professional grade suite that has an incredibly robust (and not annoying!) free edition.

@idanoo I think your only other options are pitivi and kdenlive. They're all very similar. I'm not a huge fan of any of them.

If it is very simple avidemux or command line ffmpeg

@idanoo seems to be a good basic video editor, but I haven't tried it myself. Might be worth a try. Not sure if it supports transitions, though.

@idanoo kdenlive.. I use shotcut which is easy to use

@idanoo I'm sure it's been said a bunch, but kdenlive is where its at.

@idanoo @dansup @Matej Ľach  ✅ @ITwrx @Mike Macgirvin ☸ I think obs is more for video-recording than editing..but  I still did not use it.

@idanoo Since no one else said it, I will: if you just want to add a bunch of clips together with basic transitions, Blender might be worth a try. Be sure to install the Power Sequencer addon though. GDQuest on YouTube has a bunch of tutorials on it:
Blender has the advantage that it's rock solid, unlike some other editors I've tried.

@idanoo I've used kdenlive for a few things. It might be a bit much if you only want clips and transitions tho

That's what I ended up using and was perfect :)

@idanoo Flowblade isn't bad once you're used to the workflow and interface.

@idanoo big fan of KDEnlive. It's perfect if you're just trying to edit videos and don't need to use studio-grade software.
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