Oh no.. just bought myself a DSLR. I need to stop getting into expensive hobbies :/

I've also recently gotten into that particular expensive hobby...

You can get some lenses for pretty cheap if you keep your eye out and know what to look for. I'm getting three from different thrift stores that I use all the time!

What DSLR did you get?

I got an 800D! Also grabbed a 50mm f1.8 lens! It's quite rewarding

Oh man, yeah! I have an Olympus Em10 Mark III, with several lenses, one of which is a 50 mm f1.1! It's a Bokeh machine, lol! I also have a 75 to 200mm f4 and a couple more wide angle ones.

Awesome! I'm going to get used to these lenses and the camera then probably expand my collection in a few months. Still learning lots

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