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I finally have a night to myself.. and I don't know what to do D:

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Thanks to everyone who suggested Kdenlive. It's working really well for what I needed :D

Can anyone recommend any good Video editing software for Linux? Giving OpenShot a try now but wonder if there is anything better just to cut a heap of clips together with basic transitions?

Yay - passed my IFR Navigation exam with 83%!
Way better than I thought I did.

Need to dig into my IPv6 issues. A large majority of sites/servers hit an HTTP_TIMEOUT. I'm thinking it's potentially more an ISP routing issues than a local one :/

Moving in 2 weeks. Let the packing begin!

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I've got a few spare invites to (Open source Reddit alternative) if anyone wants one?

Reeeeally need to upgrade this RAID array to SSDs, but can't justify it yet. It's not slow enough to drop a few hundred on solid state drives 😭

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Chilled instance hosted in New Zealand.